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Keralux® set A

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Cleaning, care and protection for (full) aniline leather.

The Keralux® set A is the perfect combination for maintaining the high quality aniline leather. The Keralux® soft cleaner removes dust and dirt particles thoroughly and in a save way. The Keralux® lotion A will nourish your leather intensively with nutrients. With the help of a built-in UV-filter it will protect your leather against sunlight and premature fading. Enriched with valuable antioxidants the Keralux® lotion A contributes to a long life of the leather upholstery.


First vacuum new furniture with the attachment for furniture, or use the LCK® cleaning glove to remove dust from production and transport. Use a thin layer of Keralux® lotion A to protect the leather. After about 4-6 months, clean with the Keralux® soft cleaner and then treat the leather with the Keralux® lotion A. 

After this, or with older furniture we advise to carry out the following maintenance twice a year:

1. Clean with Keralux® soft cleaner, allow to dry well.

2. Care with Keralux® lotion A, allow to dry well.

Recommended frequency:

Half-yearly, the content is sufficient for 5-7 seats.

Expiration date: 

36 months after production date.


Keralux® lotion A (200ml), Keralux® soft cleaner (200ml), sponge (1 piece), cloth (1 piece), manual.

Not suitable for:

Raw leather(nubuck, sanded leather), saddle leather, artificial leather, vegetable tanned leather and leather tanned with olive leaf extract.


Always try the maintenance products in a discrete place first.

Tip: Aniline leather is very vulnerable. After delivery of new furniture you do not have to clean it with the Keralux® soft cleaner. Just make sure the surface is free of dust, then apply a thin layer of Keralux® lotion A. Order a separate bottle of Keralux® lotion A to make sure you’ll have sufficient products for your half yearly maintenance.

Please contact us if you have any questions about products or stains.

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